Energy Management

Lighting Control

Most buildings today are over-lit because lights are on at full intensity while there is already ample daylight in the space. This wastes energy, creates discomfort, and reduces productivity.

Lighting can dramatically change the way a space looks and feels. Installing a lighting control system can enable you to not only transform your working environment at the touch of a button, but can also help you dramatically reduce your energy consumption and costs.

Motorized Shades

Ever have a nice meal ruined by the glare through the windows or tried to sit through an afternoon meeting with the sun beating down on the conference room. Either operated by the push of a button or pre-programmed to drop and raise at just the right times, automated shades make these annoyances a thing of the past. With many fabrics and designs to choose from, we can find a solution that not only enhances your environment but saves you money on your heating and cooling bills as well.

Smart Thermostats

Don’t waste money heating or cooling your business when no one is working. A smart thermostat helps you save automatically, even when someone forgets to turn off the AC or heat when closing up for the day.

Leak Detection

Early leak detection is key to help prevent catastrophic water damage in your commercial facility. Strategic positioning of water sensors, alarms, and notification systems can help notify you before it’s too late. Digital Design Group will help you determine the placement of the detection devices, so as to best suit the environment and risk level.