An alarmingly handy Sonos Tip.

Sure, music’s a great way to greet each morning, but there’s a whole day’s worth of things you can do with Sonos Alarms.

  1. Like rise and shine to different songs or playlists on different days. (P-Funk Fridays, anyone?)
  2. Set up TuneIn radio to deliver your favorite news, weather or local NPR broadcast while you make your morning joe.

  3. Entertain the pooch while you’re away.

  4. Have Beyoncé greet you as you arrive home from work.

  5. Send the kid’s off to bed with their favorite song.

  6. Wake your better half on their birthday with that frisky song they love.

Set wake-up calls and reminders using the sounds you love.

To set a Sonos Alarm:

  1. On your Sonos app, tap the Menu, upper left.

  2. Scroll to Alarms.

  3. Select New Alarm.

  4. Set the Time, Room, Music, Frequency and Volume.

  5. Tap Done.

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